Why Brake Servicing and Repairs Are a Necessity on Your Horse Float

25 October 2021
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If you have a horse float or other enclosed trailer that you use for hauling, then you should make sure that your trailer's braking system gets the attention that it deserves. Servicing and repairs are a necessity on all types of enclosed trailers for these reasons and more. You Might Haul Heavy Loads in Your Trailer Different people use their horse floats for different things, but some people purposely choose a trailer with a high weight capacity because they do a lot of heavy hauling. Read More 

How To Transport Heavy Machinery

20 April 2021
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Transporting heavy machines such as large plant equipment, industrial generators, turbines and rigs can be a complex and risky task. It is especially so since the dimensions of these machines make it impossible for them to be transported by standard trailers. In most cases, you will need to transport them as an oversized load. Below are a few of the considerations to make when transporting heavy machinery.  Work With An Experienced Company Read More 

Box Trailer: How to Prepare Your Rig for Safe Towing

25 August 2020
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Box trailers are advantageous for both personal and commercial transportation. In general, these units are versatile in comparison to most alternative designs. Their boxed shape allows for convenient support of bulky and tall loads. Also, these trailers provide more security for loads, minimising the risk of losses. In addition, they are quite low maintenance. However, it is important to note that hauling a box trailer can be challenging if one is not experienced in towing. Read More 

2 Suggestions for Towing Forklifts

10 November 2019
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If you own a forklift and plan to get a towing service company to tow this equipment for you, these two suggestions might be of use to you. 1. Get it towed on a tipper trailer if you won't have time to refuel If the forklift's fuel supply has been used up and you definitely won't get a chance to fill up its fuel tank again before you have it towed, then you should find out if the towing business you are going to use has tipper trailers. Read More 

3 Ways to Prevent the Effects of Road Salt on Your Tow Truck Trailer During Winter

22 May 2019
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The towing business can be unforgiving if you do not have the right machinery for the job. Not only do you have to meet industry requirements, but you also have to protect your tow trucks for optimal performance. It is for this reason that most tow truck businesses invest in galvanized tow trucks. The galvanized surface prevents corrosion from attacking the trailer, thus eliminating expensive repairs and replacements. That said, proper maintenance of a galvanized tow truck is vital during winter. Read More